Teaching myself to cook, one recipe at a time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 1 as a Food Blogger

I have much too much fun cooking. I've been stockpiling a collection of favorite recipes, but when it comes down to deciding on a dinner menu, I find it much more fun to try out a new recipe than to use one that I've tried before. So I've been teaching myself to cook, one recipe at a time. Being married to a Southerner with a taste for beef has compelled me, a pasta-loving Northerner, to try new things and expand my repertoire. I don't always succeed in making things that either/ both of us want to eat, but I do enjoy trying.

Unfortunately, it's not something I really have time for. Between work, school, and the dogs, I find myself stretched thin sometimes. But when I do cook, I find chopping and stirring and creating a meal to be therapeutic and stress relieving, so I am trying to find the time.

So here I am, showcasing amateur photography and amateur cooking and putting together a blog that will hopefully be fun for me to keep up with and enjoyable for others to read. I hope you stick around!


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