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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mini Blueberry Muffins

I was perusing the fridge yesterday, looking for something to have for lunch, when I spotted some fresh blueberries. I decided on the spot that I needed to make blueberry muffins after lunch.
I’ve blogged healthy, bran-filled blueberry muffins before, but this time I was more interested in the yummy factor.
I noticed in my review of the cupboards that my SIL has both mini-muffin liners and a pan to fit them. Somehow I needed to use these instead of the normal ones that she also had. I like to live on the edge.
I made a lot of changes to the base recipe, partly because reviewers called for changes and partly because I did, too. For one thing, the original recipe pretty much had you mix everything together in a big bowl. I split mine into wet and dry, then created a well in the dry ingredients and poured the wet in. I’ll get to that.
First, here are my wet ingredients. Let’s start with milk.
And an egg.
A bit of vegetable oil.
And although the recipe didn’t call for this, a teaspoon of vanilla.
Okay, now onto the dry ingredients. Some flour…
And then I decided not to take pictures that would look pretty much exactly the same, so here’s everything all mixed together and shaped into a well. This includes flour, baking powder, and sugar (which I doubled), as well as a bit of salt (not in the original recipe).
Pour in the wet ingredients
And then lightly mix it. You only want to get everything moistened and then stop.
Then I remembered that I wanted to add some cinnamon. So I did.
Finally, the blueberries. I doubled this amount, and rightfully so!
Very gently, fold in the blueberries.
Put a little bit of the batter into each little mini muffin cup.
I had this much left over. Apparently I’d have to do two batches.
One of the first reviewers on the original recipe commented that she used a mini-muffin tin instead of a regular one, while also complaining that they turned out dry. I think she’s an idiot because she didn’t think to reduce the cooking time. In addition to cutting the temperature (400 seemed excessive, so I went with 375), I cut the time from 20 minutes down to 8. They ended up needing about 10 minutes and then looked like this.
I scooped them out of the pan with a spoon to cool on a wire rack while I made another batch.
The biggest complaint from reviewers was that these were bland (thus my additions of vanilla, salt, and cinnamon, and doubling the sugar and blueberries). I can’t decide if that was enough. When I ate these, my focus was entirely on the warm, flavorful blueberries bursting in my mouth as I bit into them. So delicious!
Personally, my only complaint is that I felt like a piggy when I had 4 for breakfast the next day.
I sure enjoyed them.Here's the recipe for my version. I’ll also put a link in the “recipes” tab.

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