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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Runner's Salas or Quick Hummus Salad

So Jolie hasn't posted in FOREVER, which must have something to do with having a baby or whatever ;) So I, Jacki, am taking over to share this awesome recipe I saw in Runner's World magazine which I changed a tiny bit.  It's a perfect balance for everyone's meal, especially athletes, vegetarian athletes (me!) even more so.  The gluten free folks can chow down too!

Here is the original recipe from my copy of Runner's World.

This is so easy that I feel no instruction is necessary except to chop the parsley as small as possible.  You'll see what I did differently.

First I chopped up some broccoli, carrots (yeah I bought them that way), red bell pepper and I used a whole jar of feta, which was at least 1 1/2 cups.

Next step was to chop parsley, halve Cherry tomatoes (it was way better the first time when I bought a variety of small tomatoes, lots more flavor), add chopped walnuts and golden rasins.

Finally, add a can of chick peas and one can of black beans. 

Now mix it all up.  Warning: it makes a ton of food!

I put this on spinach and used a balsamic vinegar dressing and it was delicious.  But, I also eat it right from yhe bowl plain and it's so good!  Josh used his on top of tacos, on his meat, and basically on everything he are until it was gone.  This huge bowl lasted 2 days at our house.  That's how good it is!  

Happy eating!

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