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Friday, July 1, 2011

New Cutting Boards

I’ve been getting sick of my cutting boards lately, mainly because I only have one good one. It was beautiful when I got it, handmade and well-suited for my needs, but it’s been used on a very regular basis for about 5 years now. I thought it was time for an upgrade, so I asked my dad. He’s been getting more and more interested in woodworking for a while now. He gave me a beautiful small cutting board for Christmas. This thing is a work of art, absolutely gorgeous. But I won’t actually put any food on it or mark it up with a knife. Would you? It is art, and displayed as such.


So I asked my dad to make me some cutting boards that were less beautiful than the one he gave me for Christmas. He sent me back an email stating that he had three already made. He was very concerned with whether they’d be a good size, so he attached this picture.

june 2010 008

I thought the picture was hilarious, classic Daddy, but said I’d love whatever he wanted to share. They arrived in the mail a few days later.







They work well. Smile



Thanks, Dad!


  1. Awesome! Those are so great :) I'm getting new cutting boards, as well...but not nearly as cool as these from your dad. They're the flexible ones. Our kitchen is super tiny, so I thought they'd be good to conserve space.
    Between your blog, this other food blog Abby told me about, and my friend nagging me to do a Pampered Chef party, I'm all in cooking mode hehe