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Friday, October 14, 2011

Roasted Creole Potatoes

As has been the pattern lately, I don’t really have a reason for trying this recipe other than the fact that I had a few miscellaneous ingredients and an allrecipes search came up with it.

First, cube some potatoes. I chose to use red potatoes because that’s what I had, but I also just really like them. Didn’t bother to skin them, just scrubbed them first.


I saw a youtube video recently about knife skills and techniques, so I’m relatively confident that I actually did this right. Usually, that’s not the case – usually I just make things up!

First, slice in one direction…


Then turn the potato 90 degrees and slice in the other direction (also lengthwise)…


Then turn it on end and slice it crosswise. Little cubes should fall off.


Here are my cubes! I put them in my awesome turkey roasting pan. Wasn’t sure what else to do. It worked.


And then toss in some other ingredients, like chopped green and red bell peppers, as well as onions.



Also, some sliced andouille sausage (the main inspiration for this meal). And I’m a little ashamed about the next part. See, I was reading the reviews. One of them said something like, “This dish was okay. I didn’t have andouille sausage so I used hot dogs. I didn’t think it was that great, I don’t think I’ll make it again.” A later review commented on this, saying something like, “Don’t rate and comment on the recipe if you’re going to substitute hot dogs for sausage!!!!!!@!”

A valid point, of course, because hot dogs are nowhere near as fancy or tasty as sausage, plus they have an entirely different taste. But it got me thinking… dinner must have lots of meat for hubby, not sure if there’s enough sausage, and I have some hot dogs in the freezer….

So yeah, I added some chopped up hot dogs, too. Hey, it’s not like the queen was coming over. Though maybe she would like hot dogs in her potatoes.


Sprinkled the whole thing with olive oil, paprika, Creole seasoning, garlic powder, and ground black pepper.

Toss to coat and roast it at 400 degrees for an hour. Scrumptious!

I fail with the coloring of the pictures; the meal wasn’t this yellow. I really should re-read that camera manual, shouldn’t I?


But it was yummy. Spicy, flavorful. Also greasy, but then again, I added more oil than the recipe called for because 2 Tbsp didn’t seem enough to coat everything. Maybe next time I’ll stick to it. But it was a nice meal, and gave me something new to do with andouille.

And hot dogs.


Recipe in TasteBook soonish.

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