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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maple-Dijon Salad Dressing

I found this salad dressing on the Pioneer Woman's blog and fell in love with it. Her salad looks delicious, but I was somehow ridiculously fixated on this dressing.

It has maple syrup.

That should answer all of your questions about why I suddenly and desperately needed to make this. Anything with maple syrup is bound to be amazing, in my opinion.

I feel a little weird about reposting something she’s already blogged about, but after some deliberation, I went for it. I did email her several weeks ago to ask if she minded, and she didn’t respond, so she can’t care too much. I want to make this again at some point, and I think some of you may be interested in making it, too, so I’m going for it.

Plus, I took pictures and I like to share them.

Start off with Dijon mustard. Seems to be a staple in salad dressings.


Add just enough maple syrup to balance out the zing from the mustard and give it just a hint of sweetness.


Add some apple cider vinegar…


And some oil, along with salt and pepper. Probably not enough, since I never know how much to add.


And shake it all up!


I did my salad differently than in the original recipe. This is my daily, go-to salad: baby spinach, dried cranberries, and sliced almonds. But I will give Ree credit, as she put crumbled blue cheese on her salad and I think that is so delicious. I love doing that, but alas I didn’t have any.


It was a really nice change from my normal Greek dressing, which is tart. The sweetness was just so welcome without being overwhelming. Creamy without being too much, just very simple, subdued, and pleasant.

I wasn’t sure if I should refrigerate it or not. So I did.


Maybe I shouldn’t have.