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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

Most days at my work involve frantically jumping from one appointment to the next, filling in any time between the cracks with attempts to do paperwork that documents everything that I do at work. Sometimes, this crazy pace will abruptly screech to a halt as I somehow manage to catch up on paperwork and not need to run anywhere for an appointment just yet.

That happened to me once this week. It was wonderful. Sitting at my cleared-off desk, my thoughts turned to what I would make for dinner when I got home. I thought about what I had in my fridge before turning to my coworker and announcing that I wanted needed to invent something with chicken breasts and cream cheese. She raised her eyebrow in bemusement and told me to knock myself out.

Challenge accepted.


I did a quick ingredients search on allrecipes and settled on this one simply because it was already in my saved recipes, meaning that I’d once looked at it and decided it was worth making. It also looked easy enough to make. Anyway, any attempts at Mexican food are received well in my home.

And it had cream cheese. Did I mention the cream cheese? It’s my favorite ingredient ever.


Add in a cup of salsa. I added the remnants of my last batch of homemade salsa, which actually ended up being exactly one cup.


Keep stirring over medium heat as the cream cheese melts and blends with the salsa.



Meanwhile, I boiled some chicken breasts. Simple enough.


I also got some pinto beans ready. Gonna be honest, there’s a less-than-ideal story about them. I’d asked hubby to pick up some pinto beans and kidney beans when he went to the grocery store a while back, since I wanted to make chili. I should have specified that I meant cans, but I didn’t, and he came back with dry beans. I’d never prepared dry beans before, so I didn’t realize how far they went. I made a whole bag of each. Since I only needed a cup or two for the chili, and since I hate throwing away food, I froze the rest. So yeah, these were reheated frozen pinto beans.


Still good, though. I tossed them in the sauce, and by then, the chicken breasts had cooled down enough to cut up, so I added them, as well.


Stir it all up. Nom nom nom.


I had assorted tortillas in the freezer, two multigrain and four regular white. Zapped them in the microwave and they were nice and soft and ready to go. One by one, put the creamy chicken filling in each one.


Then roll them up, resting them seam-side down.


And top the whole thing with shredded Mexican-blend cheese. So authentic.


Cover it with foil and bake.


Someone thought it smelled divine.


A half hour later, it looked amazing.


Top the enchiladas with sour cream and some chopped tomatoes. I also cooked up some Spanish rice to go along with it.


Hubby gave it two literal thumbs up and announced that it was the closest thing to authentic Mexican food that he’d had in a while. His feedback on food is pretty honest so I took it as a genuine compliment. He did note that the boiled chicken could have been improved upon by soaking it in marinade and grilling it, but he said it was delicious as-is and gave me a kiss.


Good enough for me.

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