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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cheesy Chicken and Salsa Skillet

I found this meal on Pinterest (it’s a Kraft sponsored recipe from their website), though I didn’t make it until a few weeks later when I had family over. Then I totally forgot to blog about it. Sorry.


I started off with a green bell pepper.


Then I sliced it up.


Then I panicked, thinking, “That’s never going to be enough for four of us.”

My sense of proportion when it comes to food has always been terrible, but I swear it’s exacerbated by only making dinner for two of us most of the time. Any time there’s going to be any company, I think I will need to double the recipe. So I did.



Next, cut some boneless chicken breasts into bite-size pieces.


Begin by sautéing it for just a few minutes, just to get it started.


Before it gets too far along, add in a whole bunch of chunky salsa.


And some corn


And the peppers. Oh my. Why did I double this silly recipe?


What I’ve failed to mention is that I have had a pot of penne pasta boiling.


It’s done now. I drained the pasta, put it in a big bowl, and poured the chicken/ salsa/ veggie mixture over it. Then I added copious amounts of Mexican-blend cheese.


It was very, very cheesy. See that cheese strand?


[Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Except my brother]


It’s been about 4 months since I did this. My memory of the meal is faded. I think it was pretty good, though I think I also got sick of eating it for the next week. I think I liked the melted cheese and salsa flavor and the crunch of the veggies mixed in there.


Maybe I should make it again soon.

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