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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winter White Sangria

I was having some family over for dinner, and I planned to serve wine fondue. To go with the fondue, I decided to make a white sangria.  I had a fancy fruit-infusing pitcher from my brother and sister-in-law and wanted to put it in that.


It turned out to be quite easy to make.

First, a bottle of white wine. I believe this was a cheap chardonnay.


Then some brandy. I think I bought this bottle for a red sangria over the summer. What is it about sangria and brandy?



Anyway, then some sugar…


And that’s the main mixture.


Next, I prepared some fruit. There were limes…


The slices were too big for them to fit in my special fruit infuser.


So I cut them in half. I added lemon, too.


Also, green apple. The recipe called for green grapes, but I left those out. I had enough fruit in the house, as it was, and I didn’t think they’d add any flavor to the drink so I didn’t bother with them.



Then I put the fruit into the infuser…


And put it into the pitcher.


Then I wondered why I only got one bottle of wine. Clearly, it looked like a lot less liquid in a pitcher this size. Next time, I will definitely double it. Depending on the number of people, maybe even triple.

Oh well.

Anyway, I chilled the mixture in the fridge all day. Just before serving, I added club soda and ice.

Then I poured everyone a glass before I remembered to take a picture.


The drink was crisp and refreshing. It was sweet and yet still had a bite. Five of us polished it off fairly quickly, and I think if I’d doubled it, we would have made a sizeable dent in that.

It also went really, really well with the wine fondue that I served.

I’m not sure how much was attributable to the wine and how much was due to family, but I remember a really happy buzz when I was drinking this.

It makes me want more. Now.

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